December- A Closer Look (Pt 1)

Your Love Never Fails

Chris McClarney had this to say about the song-

"One night at church, I began spontaneously singing this line during worship: “All things work together for my good. You make all things work together for my good.” For more than an hour it continued. Not so much because I felt God needed to hear it repeated, but because I needed to convince myself that no matter what my circumstances might be right now, however big or small, and no matter how unresponsive He might seem, God is still in control. In fact, He will work everything out for my good. There is something very effective about proclaiming truth out loud until you believe what you’re saying. I couldn’t escape the lyric, and eventually I thought it prudent enough to craft the myriad of connected internal convictions into an actual song.

I had a friend going through a tough time and I remember I told him about the passage from Romans 8:28 that says “all things work together for good,” and I realized that I needed to hear those words for myself. I needed to decide if I really believed those words. That’s what led to the writing the song “Your Love Never Fails."
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