February- A Closer Look (Pt 1)

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Amanda Underwood

Isn’t it interesting how God can use the most simple things in life to remind us of how to live for Him?  This was never more true for me than when some dear friends shared a story about a bucket of water.  Imagine this container being filled with liquids to the point of running over. But instead of turning the water off so that you can use what’s in the bucket, you just let it keep going. For most, this doesn’t make much sense and almost seems wasteful.

Now, let’s look at it from a spiritual standpoint. As my friends explained the story, they began to talk about how if we are continuously using the water in the bucket, eventually it will go empty. But if we keep the water running in it, then there is never a point where we will see the bottom dry. From a realistic view, that seems almost ignorant. But, in the kingdom of God, it is so important that we are being filled non-stop so that we are constantly able to give. Case & point….our verse for the month.

"I have treasured Your word in my heart, so that I may not sin against You."- Psalms 119:11.  Think for a moment about what we hold dear to our heart. These things are people and/or items that we put the most protection around. We openly commit to loving our spouse till ‘death do us part’. We give up our lives to raise our children. We put our money in banks where it is secure. All these things are good but what is God really wanting us to treasure?

So let’s go back to the bucket. It is super easy in this sinful and distracted world to put everything else in our lives (the bucket). But God has called us to fill it with His Word and His Word alone. By doing this, we are able to give freely of His amazing grace and love while still being filled up. If we make the decision to stop the water (our personal time with our Lord), then eventually, the bucket (our life) will grow dry and there won’t even be a drop to survive on.  Thankfully, God reminds us, through this beautiful scripture, that if we treasure His Word, we can strive to not sin against Him. It doesn’t mean that we won’t mess up because that is just a given when you have a sin condition. But it does mean that we can live a life free of being dry & parched if we keep the bucket full all the time.

So be challenged today to think about what you are filling your life up with. Is it the Word of God that will continue to keep you full or is it the things of this life that are only temporary and definitely won’t last?
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