February- A Closer Look (Pt 2)

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Tom Triplett

This scripture is personal, In it, as a believer,  I am making a promise and an assurance to God . It is a believer’s verse of scripture. I say this because the Word is given to us by God, it is inspired by Him and is living. As believers we must consume every ounce of it because it is God speaking to us. And to a world of unbelievers, it is just words on paper. It is given to believers as an instruction guide on how to live a Godly life, one God intended for us to have with Him since the beginning of creation.

God never wanted us to just read it, not react to it and then apply it to our daily lives. If we are truly seeking answers from it , He will give us the understanding we are seeking from every verse. Now that I have read the word and have received the meaning from it that was meant for me, I must hide it in my heart so Satan ,our enemy, can’t take it from me. And he will try to with some type of circumstance, event or hurtful words used by the ones we love out of emotional upheaval. And I can bring them out of my heart when the timing is right to help someone in need of a word of encouragement, spiritual guidance,  and assurance of God’s love for them and that he may receive the glory in it.

“That I might not sin against” part of this verse is important. It can apply to both new believers and mature believers; neither is out of the reach of our adversary Satan , he is the master at making a mountain out of a molehill. He will never be satisfied with us having that one- on- one relationship with God on a minute- by - minute basis. God throughout history has kept a remnant of faithful believers who have done just what this verse tells us to do so that His word will be everlasting . No worldly possession will ever be as prized ,as the word of God is to a faithful believer.

So now that I have really processed what this verse is saying while still listening to the Lord on this subject....a light bulb came on in the middle of the night. “Thy word “ kept resounding to me !!!  So I put Jesus in place of Thy word. Jesus is hidden in mine heart, so that I may not sin against you. But after all Jesus was just God’s love for us in human form. In reality we can say it like this also. I have hid God’s love for me in my heart so that I do not sin against you.

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