July- A Closer Look (Pt 2)

He Sees You

By: Kim Farr
"And He was saying to them all, "If anyone wants to come after Me, he must deny himself take up his cross daily and follow Me"

  • How do we apply this today? 
  • What is Jesus telling us?
  • What is Jesus requiring of us? 

First Jesus doesn't require from us anything that,
1.  He hasn't done or already gone through Himself.
2. He knows we can do it.

He is talking to all of us and if we want to come after Him, He tells us we must, not should, but MUST deny ourselves (our-self). So what does that mean to deny ourselves? Deny selfishness,  self-centered, self-focused. We live in a world today where the enemy has used this to get our focus off Jesus and on ourselves. How do you say? A world where instant gratification, selfishness, selfies, self-centeredness, worshipping self is rampant. The enemy will do everything to get us away from God. So Jesus is telling us that we must deny ourself.

Then Jesus goes on to say, to take up our cross daily and follow Me. What does that mean?

We are saying what Jesus prayed in the garden, "Father not My will, but Your will be done." Lk.22:42
"For I have come down from heaven,  not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me." Jn. 6:38

That is submitting totally to the Father's will. He also tells us to do it daily! And follow Him.
 Let me just say this is not easy to do, I personally  desire to do this, but it's not easy and to be honest I fail. I can say that I can see the growth. And I get encouraged. I was reading and Holy Spirit spoke to me through a devotional and a Bible study I'm in. He said, I know you will make mistakes.  And My plan has already allowed for them. I understand and know I no longer see your sins. In fact, I have removed them from  you. (Ps.103:2-3,v.12) So think of them no more, for to do that defuses My strength and power within you. And I have many things for you to do in My name and strength. Praise Me and as you do, realize what I have done for you.

When Jesus told Nathanael, I saw you under the fig tree. It was like Jesus spoke to me and said, "I see you" such peace came over me. He see you! He sees everything we are going through.
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