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Anita's Story

The week before Christmas, Anita was showing signs of having allergies. Her mom was giving her medication. Overall, she seemed fine.  On Christmas Eve, she was eating and acting normal. Everything seemed OK. On Christmas day, she began to have fatigue and dizziness. That evening, her foot, elbow and wrist began to show signs of redness & irritation. We decided to take her to the hospital the following day.

When she was admitted into Tennova, the medical professionals began to run tests on her. They were unable to determine the cause of her symptoms. However, they knew she was very, very sick. With this in mind, they sent us to TC Thompsons in Chattanooga. She rode in an ambulance, and once she arrived, she flat lined. Her heart stopped. Her blood pressure bottomed out. Immediately, medical professionals intubated her so she could breathe.  It was prioritized to get her heart rate and blood pressure back to a stable condition. She was put into an induced coma, because her body was fighting itself. She was in septic shock.

The doctors began giving her massive doses of blood pressure medication to stabilize her blood pressure. Because there were such large doses of blood pressure medication, her body began to protect the internal organs that were most vital in doing so the blood pressure medication push fluid throughout, her extremities resulting in the restriction of blood flow. Then the bacteria from the septic shock took over her body quickly, and her limbs began to fail. Surgeons were wanting to make an incision to release the pressure on her extremities. However, her blood pressure and other vitals were not stable enough and she would not have made it if they were to do so. The choice was made to focus on saving her life versus her extremities. The next day, she was stable enough for the orthopedic surgeon to go in and make three incisions on the right arm left arm left leg and two incisions on both feet. They attach the wound vac-systems, to suck out the excess fluids in her extremities. This was to allow blood flow however, for some of the extremities it was already too late. They placed her on a dialysis machine before surgery to help take place of her kidney function that was failing. This was also an attempt to promote blood circulation throughout her extremities.

The next several hours were focused on keeping her body stable and pulling the fluids out of her extremities.

We were hit with a ton of information and unsure of what the next step would be. We were informed by the orthopedic surgeon that amputations will need to take place on Sunday morning. It is undetermined what will be taken. They said that parts of her muscles and tissues were dead and it was very important to remove those so it would not damage her body further. She is still very very very sick and fragile. Her body has been fighting real hard and making improvements. They’ve been able to take her off of several of her medication‘s. We are unsure what the next few days will look like however, we are staying strong in our faith. We know all your prayers have brought us this far. We cannot thank you enough. Please click on the link above Anita's story to follow our Prayers for Anita Facebook page.